Name one person or one family not impacted by elder issues. Bet you can’t!

Terrebonne Council on Aging - Friday, January 30, 2015

Here's a challenge. Name one family or one person who is not closely impacted by elder issues? We bet you can't.

Think about it. Are you caring for or in any way involved in the lives of a parent or family member over 60? Are you someone over 60 who financially, physically, emotionally assists another – an adult child, a grandchild or great-grandchild? Are you a business person whose employees are on occasion taken away from work to bring an elder family member to a doctor appointment or to tend to other life tasks? Are you part of an organization whose primary volunteers and contributors are near or over 60?

You get the point. We all are impacted, each and every one. And with our elders making up some 30% of our state population and with that percentage expected to approach 40% over the next decade, how we leverage resources is rapidly rising in importance.

Happily we can say that Terrebonne Parish is one of the leading parishes in terms of its support of the elderly. This something we should all be proud of and it's something we can build on.

For one thing of which we can be certain, everyone is either elderly, or one day will be. In any case, elder issues impact us all.