Neal Ransonet Senior Center

Neal Ransonet Senior Center

1122 Cross Street, Montegut, La 70377 985-594-3337
Contact Person: Leila Luke, Coordinator

The Montegut Lions Club has graciously given TCOA the exclusive use of their building where the Neal Ransonet Senior Center is located.

The senior center staff assist elders with their daily activities such as reading and writing letters, scheduling medical appointments, bill paying, making phone calls, and other necessities.  Services provided to the participants of The Neal Ransonet Senior Center are:  Information & Assistance, Wellness, Recreation, and Material Aid.

The Neal Ransonet Lunch Site is located in the same facility as the senior center.  Monday thru Friday, eligible participants are served a balanced Congregate MealTransportation is provided to and from the lunch site and the senior center, as well as, to medical appointments and governmental facilities.

The Neal Ransonet Senior Center is a Food for Senior distribution site.  Food boxes are distributed bi-monthly at the center.

Services Overview

Congregate Meals

Share a meal, as well as laughs, stories and friendship, with others at one of the Terrebonne Council on Aging’s five lunch sites located throughout the parish. For qualifying clients, Congregate Meals not only provide nutrition that meet federal dietary guidelines; they also provide seniors with the companionship and interaction they need to keep them healthy and active – both physically and mentally.

Nutrition Education

There is no question that proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle directly impacts the overall health and well-being of our elders. Our Nutrition Education program is aimed at helping our elders and their families with proper eating habits like limiting salt and fats, getting a balance of necessary nutrients, eating enough and learning to eat healthy regardless of budget.

Information and Assistance

TCOA’s Information and Assistance program is a service that provides elderly individuals with current information on opportunities and services available in the community. This service also assesses the problems and/or capacities of the individuals, and links them to opportunities that are available to them.

Material Aid

Our material aid program is designed to provide a limited supply of incontinent supplies and nutritional supplements. On occasion, when donated there could be fresh fruit and other items.


Everyone needs a little fun in their lives — no matter what age. That’s why we offer a variety of opportunities for elders to get together for socialization, recreation, and fun.

TCOA offers a variety of recreational activities at our senior centers throughout the parish.

Some of the activities offered include:

  • Weekly Bingo
  • Weekly PoKeno
  • Weekly Karaoke
  • Monthly Birthday Party
  • Quarterly Pedro Tournament
  • Quarterly Parish-Wide Bingo at Houma Municipal Auditorium
  • Annual Regional and Parish Fun Games
  • Host Regional Senior Olympics Shuffleboard Event
  • Mardi Gras Ball
  • Fourth of July Social
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Christmas Dinner


Whether it’s receiving flu shots, playing shuffle board, taking a ceramics class, or painting a picture, there are multiple activities available to enhance our elders’ mental and physical well-being. The key to wellness is staying active and taking steps to prevent illness.

Other activities offered to promote wellness include:

  • Art Classes
  • Exercise Programs
  • Puzzles
  • Shuffle Board
  • Special Evidence-Based Wellness Programs


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Neal Ransonet Senior Center Events

1122 Cross Street, Montegut, La 70377 985-594-3337
Contact Person: Leila Luke, Coordinator

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1122 Cross Street. • Montegut, La 70377


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