Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education

There is no question that proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle directly impacts the overall health and well-being of our elders. Our Nutrition Education program is aimed at helping our elders and their families with proper eating habits like limiting salt and fats, getting a balance of necessary nutrients, eating enough and learning to eat healthy regardless of budget.

WHO RECEIVES Nutrition Education?

  • 60 and older.
  • Lunch site participant.
  • Home delivered meal participant.

For more information on this service, the brochure is available here.

TCOA Summary of Services Brochure TCOA Summary of Services Brochure

Did you know?    

The lack of a regular nutritious meal can have a devastating impact on elders’ health and overall well-being. Ensuring that elders have access to nutritious food on a regular basis is "preventative medicine at its best".

Nutrition Services

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"To serve those who once served us is one of the greatest honors."