Senior Rx

Senior Rx

We live in a wonderful world where so many health conditions can be improved through a regimen of medications. However, for many reasons, medications may be unaffordable for some of our elders. That is the focus of the Senior Rx program. It is designed to provide assistance  in the form of free or discounted prescription medications whenever possible.

Recently, the program has changed to include disabled citizens 21 years and over.


  • Must be 21 and older.
  • Must meet financial guidelines.
  • Must lack insurance that will cover the needed medications.
  • Must be chronically ill.
  • Must have not, in the past six months voluntarily cancelled state or federal prescription drug programs or a private plan that would reimburse the prescription cost.
  • The program does not assist with short term medications, such as antibiotics or pain medication.
  • For more information, please call (985) 868-8411, Ext. 258

    For more information on this service, the brochure is available here.

    SenioRx Program Brochure SenioRx Program Brochure

    TCOA Summary of Services Brochure TCOA Summary of Services Brochure


    Last year, TCOA processed 100 SenioRx applications,  with a fair market value of $341,193 of medications.


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