TCOA held it’s annual 4th of July Super BINGO on Tuesday June 27, 2023.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the event.  It was great seeing so many smiling faces.  If you would like a copy of any of the below photos, please get with your Senior Center Manager or email and we will make sure you receive it.

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Just a quick thanks for the wonderful collection of goods you delivered to us this past month. Such a thoughtful thing to do! I frequently saw we have the best council of all, and this gift verifies it. Once again, Thanks.

J.T., Houma, LA

Thanks to Council on Aging. I know that this is little but I still want to thank you. The lunches you bring me mean so much. I have so many problems standing in one place to even cook a meal. I also want to thank you for my birthday gift. It was such a wonderful surprise. Thank you. I bless you all for the wonderful job you are doing. God bless you and keep you all safe. I love you all.

P.T. Houma, LA

Just want to thank you for the most thoughtful gift basket for Mrs. I.S. on her 95th birthday. It really cheered her up and made her day extra special. Thanks also for the meals you provide and the courteous driver who delivers them everyday with always a smile and a kind word! It means a lot to those who are homebound. Again, thanks for all that you do.

M.A.C. Shriever, LA

On behalf of the Veterans of this area we wish to thank you for the assistance with hot meals for our homeless Veterans. You do so much for our seniors, but to help veterans too, goes above and beyond the call. Thank you again for your help. God Bless America and supporters like you.

Terrebonne Veterans Shelter, Houma, LA

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