From the Desk of Michel Claudet, Executive Director

After 31 years of Council of Aging leadership by Ms. Diana Edmonson we are beginning a new chapter of supervision.  The board of directors graciously selected me, Michel Claudet, to lead this organization into the future.  We presently have many challenges including remnants of Hurricane Ida, inflation, an economy that is declining both locally and nationally and a different workforce environment than we have ever had in recent memory.  Despite these challenges it will be my responsibility, along with the great employees we have, to lead us into the future. 

The top of our priority list at the Council on Aging is to expand services for our clients.  This will include, but not be limited to, congregant meals, home delivered meals, personal care services, material aid and participation at our Centers.  We were dealt a severe blow by the pandemic and Hurricane Ida.  As you know we serve the elderly and with the pandemic our clientele did not want to be exposed to possible infection at our centers or by our employees or contractors visiting their homes.  When the pandemic was beginning to normalize we were hit by Hurricane Ida which meant many of our clients had no time to worry about participation at our Centers or with our activities.   Many of our clients were and still are currently rebuilding and refurbishing their homes.  That is their top priority.  Our activities and events are further down their list. We are working to get them back to our Centers to socialize and increase their participation in our activities.

We had our own damage to our facilities as a result of Hurricane Ida and we continue repairing as soon as our contractors are able to do so.  We are almost there.  In addition we are struggling with the current economic environment with insurance and wage rates escalating as well as rising rates for the cost of fuel and meals. 

We at the Terrebonne Council on Aging (TCOA) will all work diligently to make the TCOA an agency that will represent Terrebonne Parish in a manner that will make you proud to be from Terrebonne Parish.  

Thank you for the great honor of leading (TCOA) and I look forward to serving you.

Just a quick thanks for the wonderful collection of goods you delivered to us this past month. Such a thoughtful thing to do! I frequently saw we have the best council of all, and this gift verifies it. Once again, Thanks.

J.T., Houma, LA

Thanks to Council on Aging. I know that this is little but I still want to thank you. The lunches you bring me mean so much. I have so many problems standing in one place to even cook a meal. I also want to thank you for my birthday gift. It was such a wonderful surprise. Thank you. I bless you all for the wonderful job you are doing. God bless you and keep you all safe. I love you all.

P.T. Houma, LA

Just want to thank you for the most thoughtful gift basket for Mrs. I.S. on her 95th birthday. It really cheered her up and made her day extra special. Thanks also for the meals you provide and the courteous driver who delivers them everyday with always a smile and a kind word! It means a lot to those who are homebound. Again, thanks for all that you do.

M.A.C. Shriever, LA

On behalf of the Veterans of this area we wish to thank you for the assistance with hot meals for our homeless Veterans. You do so much for our seniors, but to help veterans too, goes above and beyond the call. Thank you again for your help. God Bless America and supporters like you.

Terrebonne Veterans Shelter, Houma, LA

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