The services of the Terrebonne Council on Aging are closely tied to our mission of promoting independence and dignity for our area’s seniors. Services focus first and foremost on essential elements of a quality life including; nutrition, wellness, community and housing. Our services, while directed to the elderly, positively impact many aspects of our community including caregivers, businesses and the community at large.

We invite you to explore all that we have to offer.

Aging And Disablity Rec Ctr (thumb)

Aging & Disability Resources

Sometimes the most difficult part about facing a dilemma is not knowing where to turn for answers. The Aging and Disability Resource Center is designed to provide seniors, adults living with disabilities and their caregivers with answers about situations involving health, independence and quality of life.

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Congregate Meals

Share a meal, as well as laughs, stories and friendship, with others at one of the Terrebonne Council on Aging’s five lunch sites located throughout the parish.

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Disabled Transportation

Need a ride? We can help. Whether to a doctor’s appointment, or transport to a government facility, our transportation services are available to assist those with limited capabilities.

Disaster Services (thumb)

Disaster Services

Throughout the year, TCOA registers and maintains a database with pick-up information of all Terrebonne residents that need evacuation assistance with particular attention to the elderly and those with special needs. TCOA’s role in this endeavor with the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government and the Office of Emergency Preparedness is to provide pre-evacuation registration and to compile a database.

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Elderly Transportation

Need a ride? We can help. Whether to a doctor’s appointment or transport to a government facility, our transportation services are available to assist those in need.

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Food for Seniors

Terrebonne Council on Aging’s Food for Seniors program helps qualifying clients get once-a-month access to free groceries.

Home Del Meals (thumb)

Home Delivered Meals

The Terrebonne Council on Aging’s Home Delivered Meals program serves more than 600+ seniors daily. A hot nutritious balanced meal is delivered between 8 a.m. and noon on weekdays, holidays excepted.

Homemaker (thumb)


Providing help around the house with light housework, phone calls, sorting bills or preparing a meal or two.

Senior Woman Writing Checks With Daughter Help

Information and Assistance

TCOA’s Information and Assistance program is a service that provides elderly individuals with current information on opportunities and services available in the community. This service also assesses the problems and/or capacities of the individuals, and links them to opportunities that are available to them.

Nursing Home Gardens

In-Home Respite

We have such great admiration for those who provide ongoing care for the elders in their family. But even these compassionate individuals need a break at times to tend to other matters in their lives or get much needed rest.

Elder With Disability

Lending Closet

Elders and disabled persons in our community know that they can contact us when a need arises for items such as walkers or hospital beds that are needed but perhaps not affordable (subject to availability).

Assorted Toiletries

Material Aid

Our material aid program is designed to provide a limited supply of incontinent supplies and nutritional supplements. On occasion, when donated there could be fresh fruit and other items.

Nutrition Education (thumb)

Nutrition Education

There is no question that proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are directly connected to the overall health and well-being of our elders. Our Nutrition Education program is aimed at helping our elders and their families with proper eating habits like limiting salt and fats, getting a balance of necessary nutrients, eating enough and learning to eat healthy regardless of budget.

Helping The Elderly


Even with the wealth of services available through our agency, elders and their families may not fully know the extent of services available in the community. Our outreach program consists of interventions initiated by the Terrebonne Council on Aging for the purpose of identifying potential clients and encouraging their use of existing services and benefits.

Personal Care (thumb)

Personal Care

The ordinary tasks of life, while seemingly simple to many, can be challenging for elders due to a variety of life’s circumstances. Our personal care services provide much needed help with things like dressing, bathing, or changing bed linens.

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Everyone needs a little fun in their lives — no matter what age. That’s why we offer a variety of opportunities for elders to get together for socialization, recreation, and fun.

TCOA offers a variety of recreational activities at our senior centers throughout the parish.

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Rural Transit

Get the convenience of a bus ride directly from your home with this curb to curb transportation service. You may schedule your ride up to 30 days in advance and never worry about missing the bus again.

Senior Woman Taking Medicine

Senior Rx

We live in a wonderful world where so many conditions can be improved through a regimen of medicines. For many reasons, however, those medications may be unaffordable for some of our elders. That is the focus of the Senior Rx program. It’s designed to provide assistance when and where possible.

Telephoning Thumbnail


A friendly voice on the telephone is a comfort that is so simple, yet means so much. Our telephoning services are a connection to our senior center clients who are ill or incapacitated for one reason or another, and did not participate at the center.

Senior Woman Getting Advice

Utility Assistance

Everyone gets in a financial bind every once in a while and none are more at risk for that happening than an elder living on a fixed income. A well-planned budget can be thrown in disarray by something as simple as a brutally hot July and the larger than usual utility bill that can result. Our utility assistance program is designed to help out when such a predicament arises.

Wellness Thumbnail


Whether it’s receiving flu shots, playing shuffle board, taking a ceramics class, or painting a picture, there are multiple activities available to enhance our elders’ mental and physical well being. The key to wellness is staying active and taking steps to prevent illness.

Just a quick thanks for the wonderful collection of goods you delivered to us this past month. Such a thoughtful thing to do! I frequently saw we have the best council of all, and this gift verifies it. Once again, Thanks.

J.T., Houma, LA

Thanks to Council on Aging. I know that this is little but I still want to thank you. The lunches you bring me mean so much. I have so many problems standing in one place to even cook a meal. I also want to thank you for my birthday gift. It was such a wonderful surprise. Thank you. I bless you all for the wonderful job you are doing. God bless you and keep you all safe. I love you all.

P.T. Houma, LA

Just want to thank you for the most thoughtful gift basket for Mrs. I.S. on her 95th birthday. It really cheered her up and made her day extra special. Thanks also for the meals you provide and the courteous driver who delivers them everyday with always a smile and a kind word! It means a lot to those who are homebound. Again, thanks for all that you do.

M.A.C. Shriever, LA

On behalf of the Veterans of this area we wish to thank you for the assistance with hot meals for our homeless Veterans. You do so much for our seniors, but to help veterans too, goes above and beyond the call. Thank you again for your help. God Bless America and supporters like you.

Terrebonne Veterans Shelter, Houma, LA

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